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Class Or Pass

Easiest way to put you in control of your fitness. Get Lowest Price guaranteed passes to fitness facilities across Ontario.

  • Free Sign-up.
  • No Contracts.
  • Best Prices Guaranteed.
  • Every Fitness Style for every fitness need.
  • Single visits or Bundle your visits to a chosen Gym.

Home Gym Access

Do you already have a gym membership at one of our partnered facilities. If so, you can upgrade your membership and get free drop-in access to facilities across Ontario for only $10 a Month.

  • Upgrade your current Gym Membership.
  • Get Access across your city and Province.
  • No contract upgrade.
  • 10$ Monthly.
  • Cancel Anytime.

Steps to Join

  1. Free to sign up

    Our sign up form is quick and easy.
  2. Find a Gym

    Search your location to find a gym.
  3. Pick a Pass

    Select a pass at any facility you want access to.
  4. Go Workout

    Press “Workout Now” To make use of your pass at anytime.

Why Gym-Fleet

Gym Fleet gives you access to fitness facilities across Ontario, making it easy for you to find what you want, when you want, for the price you want.

  • No Signing Fees
  • No Contracts
  • Best class or pass pricing
  • Upgrade your current home gym membership for multi facility access
  • Get access to gyms across your city
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