Free Cloud-based management software

Gym Fleet is a marketplace first, this gives us the ability to provide you with free cloud-based management software. Saving you money and bringing you more members.

Increase your monthly revenue by 36%

Implement multi-facility access into your facility and give your members more while they travel. Franchised gyms can do it, why not you. Earn 36% additional revenue per member and give them the access they deserve.

Increase your membership capabilities

Provide your members with more options and give them the ability to workout while they travel. By Implementing a Gym Fleet Monthly Membership at your studio you can do just that and earn more.

Marketplace Exposure

Ontario members are searching for you, so why not advertise yourself on the ideal fitness marketplace. Connecting users to your passes, classes, memberships and promotions is what we do best.

Providing your members with more options

When you give your members access while they travel for work or pleasure it increases your ability to sell more monthly memberships by accommodating their busy lifestyles. Allowing them to stay accountable to their fitness goals and for you to stay competitive with franchised gym locations.

Free marketing exposure

Gym Fleet pays for your market exposure through facebook, adwords and content marketing, so we can help bring in new members and decrease your advertisement cost.
  • Adwords Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

Incentives members to join your club

By implementing the Gym Fleet Monthly Membership at your facility and increasing your service scope, users are 26% more likely to purchase your membership.
  • Increased service options
  • More incentives to join your gym
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease membership churn rate

Promote Sales and Trials

We promote your sales and discounts, helping to bring qualified users through your door. Converting these users into members has never been so easy with our automated sales platform you don’t even need to lift a finger to gain a new member.

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